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my totally amazing life with sister part 1

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Totally Amazing Bulgarian girl sing listen-Beyonce(and another song)

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The Totally Amazing Cigarette Making Machine

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3 Healthy Super foods

Scientists believe that superfood is just a fancy term that has been well utilized for the commercial purposes by the food industry. However, the practical evidences have described a very different definition of the superfood items. It is referred as the food that has significantly high content of nutrients, resulting in astonishing positive health effects on the human body. As per this definition, there are various super foods that we come across in our daily life. Let’s a have glance on some of the most common ones.


‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Experts believe that 4 apples a day provide Vitamin C that an average human being requires in the average day time. With more than 7500 varieties of apple grown all over the world, apple has been packed with some of the most prominent nutrients, including soluble fibers that helps in lowering the cholesterol and keeps digestive system healthy.

Baked Beans

The baked beans are very powerful superfood that has ultra rich storage of protein, fiber and vitamins along with minerals like iron and calcium. This makes it as good as the apples. Interestingly, beans are not digestible for human being. But, it moves into the large intestine where the bacteria act upon it producing the fatty acids. These fatty acids help protecting the colon lining from cancer and keep it healthy.


Although, broccoli is not the favorite of many people, mainly kids, it is the real treasure of healthy nutrients. The green part of the broccoli contains antioxidants and Folate. This helps in fighting the cardiac issues and making the heart healthy which in turn improves the blood circulation and overall health.

In short, the superfoods are not a heavenly food items. Instead, these are present in our home too. The only need is to identify them and enjoy its benefits for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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totally amazing

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Totally amazing

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