What is a blog? Informally, a blog is a combination of the two words “web” and “log”, so blog is a kind of online daily journal. As for a formal definition, a blog is a record or journal of individual opinion on various topics which is updated on a regular basis. An individual can expresses his opinions, write stories, provide information on any topic, etc., through a blog on an online website. A person also has the liberty to name his blog.

What is blogging? The process of writing, updating and posting a blog on a website is called blogging.

Who is a blogger? Any person who writes a blog is called a blogger. Amitabh Bacchan, Kim Kardashian, etc., are some famous celebrity bloggers.

A blog consists of entries which are called posts. These posts are displayed in reverse chronology, i.e. the last post will be shown first, then the second last, etc., and the first post will be shown last.

There are various types of blogging like micro blogging, multi author blogging, persona; and corporate blogging. Blogs that consists of photos are called photoblog, ones with videos are called vlog like The Manchester Card one, the ones comprising links are linklogs, one with portfolios are called sketchlog and a mixed media blog is called tumblelog. Then there are also travel blogs, health blogs, marriage blogs (!), etc.

A blog can be written from any electronic device that has a internet connection, like a desktop, a laptop, a tab or a mobile telephone.

There is no particular requirement in writing a blog like the knowledge of any computer technology like HTML, FTP, etc., all you need is a good knowledge of the language you want to write in (English, Spanish, French, German, etc) and basic idea of how to run a computer or any other device that you will be using for your writing.

Start writing!