25 on “Disperse – Profane the ground playthrough by Maciej Dzik

  1. Maciej, You’re awesome brother! I hope one day you can make way to the
    states to play. I will be there no matter where it is m/ 

  2. This bass drum sounds great! Also nice to hear an instrumental version of
    this brilliant song.

  3. Sounds great!
    Did David Maxim Micić had a guest solo on this one? 2:02-2:09 has some
    potating vibes. :)

  4. Cristian Botiza says:

    absolutely brilliant. the song is killer, not only the drums but the
    keyboards and guitars as well. Your drumming is stellar in this! I love
    your music guys

  5. Bartosz Kilian says:

    Super ! Dobry klimat i naprawdę fajna muzyka ! Cieszę się,ze coraz więcej
    ludzi w Polsce sięga “wyżej” ! Pozdrawiam !

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